Oliver's room

As I've noted before this house needed a LOT of work. After the server room, office and basement were finished, I started working on the actual living spaces. Since Oliver's room and the office are the only rooms that will not needing a full to the studs renovation, Oliver's room was next on the block.

I wanted to build an enclosed loft bed. I did a couple of very rough elevations, and just winged it. At this time I think the only real tools I had was a chop saw, and a circular saw. I went out an bought a biscuit cutter to assist in making the paneling. The wood for the loft came from Lowe's. Pine for the cabinet, bookshelves, and frame for the paneling. Poplar for the bed, maple plywood for the panels, backs of the bed/bookshelf.

The desk came after I'd done the cubbie. Wood came from a hardwood guy who gets his wood from small scale timber guys in Appalachia. It's done entirely in Hard Maple. The back of the desk is maple plywood, the chest/window seat is poplar frame with maple plywood, and a hard maple lid. Both the desktop and the lid are 1.25 thick.