Renovations, being on a small holding patter until we raise a bit more cash for some serious construction (new addition, gutting rooms), I decided I needed to organize the garage. Most of the shop tools were bought since we've been living here. As I'm clearly going to be doing this for a while, I thought It'd be nice to not have constant trip over boxes, stuff in the garage, or be able to do a fair amount of work without first emptying half the garage.

The first step was building the shelves, they finished last spring (2009), realizing I was just scratching the surface, and needing more bench space, I ripped out an existing 40 year old falling down workbench and replaced with a matching workbench, with drawers. One length of the bench is nine feet to the corner, the other is eight feet to the corner. The bench is about four feet high, and two feet deep.

The carcases are construction 2x4s, the shelves building grade 3/4 inch plywood. The benchtops are 1.5 inch thick poplar, the drawers 7/8 inch poplar, the drawer bottoms construction grade 1/2 inch plywood. I tried something a little different with the drawers, in using a wood on wood slat system I'd seen some antiques my mother had growning up. While non-trival to do (esp. for 12 drawers), it is a far superior design to those used for the cubbie or Oliver's desk.